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HVAC upkeep is cost-effective

The heat pump will no longer be used during this winter.

Although we don’t require much heating in this location, the heat pump was still able to provide it when needed.

No, that wonderful residential HVAC system is no longer in service. The first actual appliance my wife and I ever bought together was that old heat pump, in fact. After purchasing this home, it was the first improvement we made. We were unable to purchase the most advanced heating and cooling technology due to a lack of funding. However, we were able to get a really good, middle-of-the-road HVAC unit thanks to our fantastic HVAC company. Once that heat pump was put in, I can still clearly remember how proud I felt. We had the impression of being homeowners, my wife and I. And to safeguard that investment, we made sure to have the heat pump heating system maintained each fall. The springtime air conditioning tune-up that always came after that was performed. Every year, we carried out this activity. Occasionally, I almost wondered how much money we were really spending on HVAC upkeep. The reason I persisted, though, was that I believed what our HVAC experts had advised, and it felt right. Well, that junior varsity heat pump has now been running for 29 years, and all the HVAC upkeep has practically paid for itself. That old heat pump lasted nearly ten years longer than expected for heating and cooling. The high-quality heating and air conditioning we had was also never interrupted once. Yes, thanks to routine, seasonal HVAC maintenance, we have enjoyed 29 years of dependable, high-quality heating and air.



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