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The heating device that could

The more I think about it, the more I feel that my girl is a bit off.

She’s severely possessive over what, the temp control unit? I have no idea why she is like this, but she’s been this way since she and I started dating years ago, as she has to have her rapidly increasing temperature a certain way.

I thought at first she just had a strange temperature preference, but that was until we made the choice of moving in together, and then I realized that I wasn’t even able to touch the old smart thermostat at all. If I actually tried to change the temperature to something I felt comfortable with she would get upset with me. That is why I felt that I was in an unhealthy relationship, because I could not even feel good in our own home. There was one day when it was a really hot summertime afternoon out and the a/c unit wasn’t on, so I turned on the air con for a bit. She likes to keep the home at 77 degrees, even in the summertime, and I turned down the temp by one degree to 76, but when she found out she really lost it and my baby and I had a major fight. That was the sudden moment that I had enough, and so I moved out of the house, because I wasn’t going to continue living with someone that would not let me feel at home in our very own house. I am doing a lot better on my own now with my own heater and air conditioning unit, and now I can have it at any temp I want from now on.


a/c tune up