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Smart thermostats and black cats

These smart devices are nice, however they’re just way too complicated

I totally love having an older dial temperature device, and I do not want people to view them as old fogie devices, however in my opinion they’re still a perfect option for a temperature control unit. I assume there are lots of people that have moved on to having those smart devices now, and there are not so many people that I can find, unless we are talking about older gents, that are using the traditional dial thermostat. However, when our old home came with the dial one, I decided that I would keep it. I didn’t see any reason not to keep it, and so I kept it in our house. I assume that several people own those smart devices, however I didn’t see a reason for me to get one myself. If our old dial control device was working perfectly fine for me, why would I need to go get another one? I had our grandkid come over the other afternoon and he was surprised when I didn’t have the smart device. I didn’t have one because everybody that he knew had one, and I told him that I like the dial control device myself and sure it could be because I am an older man, however I know a few young people who like dial control devices themselves too. I do know that many people just like the simplicity of old gadgets in the same way. These smart devices are nice, however they’re just way too complicated. I do not need something like that when it comes to our heating and cooling unit. I just need something that will do the things I need it to do, and that is what the old dial control device does; it allows me to change the temperature with my own two bare hands.