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Our furnace has seen better days

I’ve had the same furnace for twelve years now, and I know I am not going to have it much longer, despite the fact that it is not so old, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it from the start though.

So instead of continuing to pay maintenance to have it taken care of, I think I am just going to snag a new one.

The one I have is an old gas unit, but I have decided that I am ready to move on to a new electric furnace, which is supposed to be a better one in the long run. I’ve been going to different heating suppliers all around town looking at the Heating, Ventilation, and air con products to get an idea of what heating device it is that I will go with. However, even though I have a nice electric furnace in mind, that may not ultimately be what I end up going with. It genuinely just depends on what kind of things the heating and AC business has available. If I find another type of gas heater that is available which I think will do better, then I may go with that type. The last trip I made to the cooling supplier company really got my attention, as there were a couple of devices that I was genuinely considering. The first was a propane heater and the other was a geothermal heat pump device. I am not ready to buy anything just yet because I think that I am going to need to do more reading about them. It’s a big decision for me because the old air con systems cost a lot of cash and I want to make the right decision and choose the best one for me. I want something that will last me a very long time and be of the best quality, unlike our old beat up gas furnace.
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