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Window AC system is in bad condition

I was looking out of our bay window at the window a/c unit resting on it earlier and I noticed something on top of it.

I noticed that it was starting to look more soiled, and so I decided that it was time to spruce it up.

I turned it off and unplugged it, and then I pulled it out of the window. Sure enough, there was grease as well as dust and all kinds of things sticking on the inside of it, and outside it had a bunch of dirt on it. This is what happens when you leave your portable window a/c unit in the window for almost three years straight. I do not genuinely use our main a/c plan, and I only use our window unit a bit, and because of this I have our window a/c device running almost all of the time. As you can imagine this can make our window a/c system get quite dirty, and so it needs to be cleaned a lot. When I took it out of the window, I brought it to the desk and then I took a damp towel and started wiping down the outside. After that, I opened the entire thing up and I took some canned air and started spraying all the junk and dirt from the inside. I wasn’t even done cleaning it yet, but it was already looking so much newer. After I had blown out the dirt and grime from the inside, I took a slightly damp napkin and wiped down the inside of the window a/c system. I thoroughly dried it and I left it out to dry for a little bit longer. Once I was done, I put it back in the window and let it do its job of keeping our small home nice and cool.



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