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Cooling in the hot sun

Keeping cool in the summer sun normally is no trouble for me, however this summer season has been a bit different.

We’ve had heat waves that have come through this summer like I’ve never seen before in my life.

I do not know why it’s so ridiculously hot out now, however I feel it’s really bad. It’s hard to have any kind of energy when you are so darn hot that you can’t even go out of the house. I feel like the moment that I step outside and go into the heated sun, my skin sets itself ablaze. If I have to be outside, I am immediately sent running for the cool shade. So what I have been doing this hot season is not going outside at all, as it’s just too brutally hot out and I have not been going out unless it’s 100% necessary. I have been taking shelter from the sun inside our quiet home and enjoying the very cool a/c that has been keeping the heat away. Thankfully, despite the crazy heat waves that we’ve had coming through here, our a/c plan has been relatively unaffected by it all. I like to think that it’s because I had it taken care of and repaired all these years. I tried my best to make sure that it was ready to take the worst weather that mother nature was ready to throw at us, and so far it’s been going pretty well. I was lying on a bed directly underneath the air vents with the air conditioner on full power, as going outside might be a hot and miserable time, but staying inside and enjoying the air con is like nothing else. It’s cool and refreshing, and I am not going anywhere until it cools down quite a bit more.


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