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I’m hoping that my cold feet won’t be an issue

This year, I’m really hoping that my cold feet aren’t going to be an issue for us.

I have been dealing with really cold feet for the last couple of years and it has really started some bad fights between me and my husband.

I think that it’s because I always want to put my cold feet on him when I get into bed and I always go to bed much later than he does. I know that it scares him when I jump into bed and put my feet on him after I have been walking around on the cold floor. Our air conditioning vents are on the floor and so the temperature of my feet is always really cold whenever I get into bed. I can’t blame him for getting mad at me because of it, but I don’t really care. I have to warm my feet up whenever I get into bed and if he won’t let me do that then what am I even married for? Anyway, this year my husband decided that he was going to fix the problem once and for all. He purchased radiant heated flooring for us to use as our heating system from now on. The radiant heated flooring will be in the master bedroom, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. I hope that my cold feet won’t be an issue after all of this work on the new flooring! I’m really hoping that the radiant heated flooring will fix our problems. Maybe this year, my feet will finally warm up on our new floor!

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