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Last week when all of us were at the store, the A/C broke

Last week when all of us were at church, the A/C broke and all of us were all miserable because of it; The A/C gets used so much during the Summer around here that there is just no way that all of us can live without it for any length of time.

The two of us have genuinely high rapidly increasing temperatures around here during the Summer and it’s strenuous to go without A/C for actually long at all, but at least that is the way it is for me. That afternoon at church, the temperature was super high and the church was packed. There were genuinely 3 hundred people there and the body heat was ridiculous. It made us all hotter than all of us genuinely would have been otherwise. The two of us were trying to have church, but then all of a sudden, the a/c vent in the ceiling made a terrible banging sound. As soon as it made that sound, the a/c stopped working and then the locale started heating up like crazy. The two of us were all getting hotter and hotter by the minute and I couldn’t concentrate to save our life. I couldn’t understand why the a/c wasn’t working because our commercial Heating and A/C corporation for the church consistently does a genuinely superb task for us. They never leave us with any troubles with the a/c in the church, but that afternoon everything went wrong. I hope that the commercial Heating and A/C corporation gets the a/c fixed before next Tuesday because I can’t stand being in there without any A/C. Hopefully it will be better soon!