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I’ve been having a difficult time at home

It’s not straight-forward residing alone far away from everything plus pretty much everyone you love. That has been my reality for the past year or so. I had to relocate to the other side of the country for work a year ago. This meant moving away from an area where I knew almost pretty much everyone to a single that every lady was a stranger. And to make matters worse, I live in a house alone that I bought. It’s entirely cheaper being a homeowner than renting a device in this area. But, that means fewer options of having roommates. I’ve also been having a difficult time because of the change in weather plus weather conditions. I was used to the frigid plus everything that came with residing up north. But, here the sun is a massive factor plus I now realize I have extreme pollen dust sensitivities, then my dust sensitivities weren’t as pronounced back home, so I never took the time to consider things like indoor air conditions; However, my first Spring in this area has been an eye opening experience. My doctor is entirely the a single who told myself and others it’s time to consider investing in a whole-home air cleaner. Such a device can help improve plus maintain nice indoor air conditions, especially in Spring when the air outside is full of pollen. A whole home purification method isn’t cheap plus will mean digging deep into my savings to purchase plus install it. But, it’s better to see it as an investment that will bring myself and others better health plus comfort in my home. I’m also thinking about upgrading the A/C device in this house to improve air conditioning during summer.
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