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Roofing company trucks fill the whole street

It’s Springtime plus that means that it is time for people to maintain the roof on their homes! During the Springtime, there are roofing company trucks all over the streets in my neighborhood, last year seven people had the roofing tiles plus underlayment updated in the same week! I had to swerve in plus out of parking spaces in order to get to the end of the street.

  • It was complete plus total madness.

During that time I decided to contact one of the roofing companys to see if they could supply me an quote to complete some work on my roof. I didn’t need the entire roof updated, but I was interested in finding out if I could change the color of the shingles on my house, the roofing company was ecstatic to come to my household plus talk with me about the roof. One of the gentlemen spent about an hour talking about all of the different types of roofing shingles that they had available. I was really ecstatic that the company provided me with a free estimate, when I saw how much it was going to cost to update the roof, I knew there was no way that I could afford to get the work done that Spring. I kept a copy of the quote in my desk so I can reference it next year when I believe about replacing the roof again. This particular company is really the locale that I would like to use. The owner of the corporation was comprehensionable plus friendly plus she has been in the roofing corporation for 25 years.


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