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Work is easier with new HVAC technology

It’s been a long time since I actually had a spring in my step getting out of the car at work.

  • Normally, I tend to sit inside the car with the air conditioning running for as long as I can before going inside the building.

There have even been a few days during the past year where I barely could get out of the car at all. I don’t think I was the only one feeling this way either. We were all sort of miserable inside the commercial HVAC of work. The decline had started several years ago but this past year was the worst. I nearly quit rather than spend another day inside the air conditioning of that building. Even the heating and cooling was bad the last couple of years. It seemed as though the heating and cooling equipment was completely overwhelmed. There was never enough heating in the winter and the air conditioning wasn’t enough the rest of the year. On top of that, there was a single thermostat for the entire building. We’re talking more than a hundred cubicles and just one thermostat. But these days, there is a lot to be happy about after a change in leadership. Not only do we have effective leaders who are engaged and motivating us, we have new commercial HVAC as well. After the commercial HVAC upgrade, we have zone controlled HVAC with independent thermostats throughout the work space. It was long overdue but I’m sure happy that it finally happened. And I really like feeling good about coming to work each day.


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