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I showed my acquaintance how to change an air filter

I had a current acquaintance transfer into my cabin building.

This was a younger person entirely around the age of 19 or so, in addition to I noticed that they did not know how to change an air filter.

I did not mean to eavesdrop on them, however I heard them talking on the phone to a local heating in addition to A/C corporation in addition to they seemed confused by what the Heating and A/C professional on the other line was selling them. The heating in addition to cooling guy was trying to explain how to change out the air filter, however they just did not seem to understand. I could not help however laugh a little bit, although not loud enough for them to notice. I found it funny because I remember having a similar situation when I was around that same age. I remember when I was 18 in addition to I got my first apartment, I had no idea how to change an air filter either so it was kind of funny looking back at it. I decided to be nice in addition to help this person out in addition to offered to show them how to change an air filter. My friend and I were not complete strangers in addition to my pal and I had met a few times before so they allowed me to come into their apartment. I showed them how self-explanatory it was to change out an air filter, in addition to they offered me several thanks. I was actually delighted to have helped somebody, speaking of heating in addition to A/C supplies, I need to option up some washable air filters from the Heating and A/C store. I am almost out.

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