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My son is working at a heat and a/c company

My son went to work for an air duct and carpet cleaning dealer earlier this year; He wasn’t planning to go and work for a dealer like this, however at that point in the year, no one else was entirely hiring anyone to come and work full time.

  • He entirely wanted to get full time work so that he would have benefits and insurance, so I was glad about that.

He is a pretty responsible kid, that’s for sure, but I was glad whenever he got the job at the air duct and carpet cleaning dealer, and I also thought that it was a wonderful thing that he was going to be learning a trade, and once he started doing the work there, he realized that he was entirely pretty interested in the heating and cooling profession. He said that once he started now working on cleaning air duct in different homes and businesses, he realized that he wanted to learn more about the heating and cooling industry, but now, after now working for the air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning dealer for only five months or so, he has decided that he is going to go back to school and get his heating and a/ccertification, and after that, I don’t entirely think what his plans are. He says that he thinks he’s going to try and get a job at the local heating and a/cdealer and I guess that he will entirely be able to since he will have some experience by that point. I’m glad that he has found a job that he thinks he will enjoy.


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