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Does the roof repair company make house calls

I wanted to make some simple Roofing repairs and the two of us knew that the commercial building needed some things done.

A reminder leaks in the roof that I did not want to become major so the two of us decided to work on major maintenance before it was a serious nuisance.

The two of us had not owned any types of rental properties in the past but the two of us were consistently ready to make any repairs that were necessary. The two of us consistently made home repairs and did not believe this would be much different than the two of us working on the apartment. The building was five stories in total as well as the two of us figured that the two of us would need some type of roof repair company. I certainly didn’t know who to call when it came to the roofers and asked if there was a maintenance shop that could handle everything for me. That person easily wanted to come down to the apartment as well as see the situation. The flat top roof was something that the contractor did not expect to see and the guy was very curious to know what things were lying underneath the roof. I showed the guy the apartment space underneath and that was when I found out that he would need to remove some of the roofing in order to fix the leaks. The roofing leaks could be near the walls or pointed up into an area where the roof upgrade needs to happen.

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