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My former roommate disagreed about the thermostat setting

A couple years ago, my cousin Sarah came to live with me.

She needed a place to stay so that she could save some money to eventually get her own spot.

While she lived here, we had so much fun together. I used to love the nights where we binged on wine and popcorn and watched old movies all night long. Sarah lived here for close to 2 years, so we had many of those nights during that time. For the most part, Sarah and I got along. She worked at nights, and she slept during the day, so the only time we really saw each other was on the evenings when she was off from work. Anyway, the only thing we couldn’t agree on was the temperature setting on the thermostat. While Sara slept in the day, she liked to keep the thermostat set to 70 degrees. I thought that was too low, especially when the temperature outside was over 90 degrees. The recommended temperature for the thermostat is 78 degrees and prior to Sarah living with me, I have always kept my thermostat set on that. There were some days where I could not deal with it, so I would adjust the temperature on the thermostat to 74 degrees. I thought that was a good temperature for Sarah to sleep without me freezing inside the house. Those days didn’t go so well, and Sarah would wake up and have a bit of a tantrum. I didn’t see the big deal, but for her it was. After some back and forth we settled on the thermostat at 72 degrees during the day. I had to make that sacrifice for almost 2 years, so I was happy I was able to adjust the thermostat to my liking once she moved out.
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