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I use my cooling system more than I use my central heating

Would you rather be too hot, or would you rather be too cold? Personally, I would rather be freezing than hot… At least when it’s cold, I can potentially put on layers and use blankets to stay warm, however of course, that is assuming that I am too freezing in a place where I have access to these things, and I am not stuck in an ice storm somewhere; I have never liked the heat.

In fact, I believe the Summer is the worst part of the year.

If I lived in a place where the weather reMained a constant 76 degrees while in the afternoon and 60 while in the days, that would be the ideal living situation, then while that is not possible at this moment, I have to adapt to what I have. I live in the southern part of the country where the Summer can be unbearable. There are days where the temperature will get into the triple digits which means I will avoid going outside if possible, needless to say that my cooling system is my saving grace while living in this part of the country. To tell you the truth, I have an Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit, which means it provides both heating and cooling system, but I barely ever use the heat, in fact, last year, I turned it on once. The temperature outside had dropped below freezing, so it made sense for me to turn on my heat while in those days. Otherwise, I refrain from using my heat while in the Winter, even though I use my cooling system all Summer long. I don’t like being overheated and I would rather be inside a freezing air conditioned room than inside a room that is burning up.


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