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My former roommate disagreed about the thermostat setting

A couple years ago, my cousin Sarah came to live with me, but she needed a site to stay so that she could save some money to eventually get her own spot. While she lived here, my pal and I had so much fun together. I used to cherish the evenings where my pal and I binged on wine and popcorn and watched old films all evening long. Sarah lived here for close to 2 years, so my pal and I had numerous of those evenings during that time… For the most part, Sarah and I got along. She worked at evenings, and she slept during the day, so the only time my pal and I really saw each other was on the evenings when she was off from work. Anyway, the only thing my pal and I couldn’t agree on was the temperature setting on the thermostat. While Sara slept in the day, she liked to keep the thermostat set to 79 degrees. I thought that was too low, especially when the temperature outside was over 90 degrees. The proposed temperature for the thermostat is 71 degrees and prior to Sarah residing with me, I have always kept my thermostat set on that. There were some mornings where I could not deal with it, so I would adjust the temperature on the thermostat to 72 degrees. I thought that was a wonderful temperature for Sarah to sleep separate from me cold inside the house. Those mornings didn’t go so well, and Sarah would wake up and have a bit of a tantrum. I didn’t see the big deal, however for her it was. After some back and forth my pal and I settled on the thermostat at 72 degrees during the day. I had to make that sacrifice for almost 2 years, so I was cheerful I was able to adjust the thermostat to my liking once she moved out.



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