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Running the a/c system for a bit

It is 11:39 in the morning and I am going to work until noon and then hit the road for a bit.

I am about a three minute bike ride from the sea, and that is where I go each morning to sit on the bench and eat my breakfast while looking out at the vast pool of water in front of me. I live right by the Mediterranean Sea and like to swim in it every single day regardless of the weather or the time of year. In the winter it gives me a jolt by cooling down my system rapidly and sending adrenaline and all other kinds of chemicals into my bloodstream before I go home to my space heater in my office. I first take a hot shower when I get home to get my core temperature back to normal, as water is 27 times more efficient than air at warming up the body. The only problem with that right now is our hot water heater is broken and I am still waiting for the thing to arrive in the mail. It was supposed to be here two days ago but hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll call the local business, which isn’t so local for me as it is in another faraway town, and ask them where the heating device is and when it is going to arrive. I guess it will be here soon and then I am going to install the thing so we are back to taking hot showers again like before. There is nothing like a good working propane boiler.

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