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Taking it simple with my air cleaner

I have a lot on my plate this week plus I am trying to keep moving ahead so that I get it all done.

I will go for some food at the store when it calms down there around 3pm, so that means I have about two more hours to get all of my work plus chores done.

If I stay focused though I should be able to knock this stuff out plus be ready to hit the store when the time comes. I have some tunes playing on my earbuds to keep me going plus my superb old air cleaner is humming away in the room so that the air quality is up to snuff plus my dust irritations don’t go haywire. I will feel a lot better when 4pm comes plus I have finished everything that I cut out to do earlier this week. I still don’t know if the air ducts in my system are superb or not because I haven’t had a option to get the HVAC corporation out here to take a look at them. So I haven’t used the main system in a few months now because I am afraid there is a leak somewhere in the attic. Last season I was up there plus noticed some concerns with the HVAC duct plus I was supposed to call an HVAC tech to come out but ended up getting distracted plus forgetting to do so. I think that I can get someone out here this week though plus get the thing fixed once plus for all. Have a superb afternoon this week!

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