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Life is about heating needs

I am trying to decide if I want to go to the mountain apartment with a group of friends or not.

It would be a fun time I am sure, but rooming with six people in a small two bedroom flat sounds too claustrophobic to me, so I will easily have to pass.

I wish the girl arranging the stay wouldn’t book so numerous people at once because it takes away from the fun we could have when we are all packed in the apartment like sardines. She is only 24 years old & has a odd mindset than me. Heating the apartment with a fireplace would be our means of warmth, but last time there were like four people trying to toil on the fire all of the time & it kept going out. I will easily just stay here & chill with my volleyball friends rather than be stuffed in a small apartment for a week with too numerous people. There are three Heating & Air Conditioning techs going & another heating supplier, all of which know they are better than the other at making fires in the fireplace! I feel it is going to be a fun time here as well though because we will play a lot of volleyball & have fun on the beach without too numerous people taking up my space. I can also toil on my ductless mini split a/c device at apartment since it has been acting up, or should I say not acting up. It seems to have stopped cooling my flat & I want to fix it.


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