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He will invest in a smart thermostat

The last few weeks the heating bill has been too high.

Don understands they are in the middle of winter and the thermostat needs to be turned on more often but what’s the saying, currency does not grow on trees? Well, at least that’s what his mother used to say all the time to him and siblings growing up. Don has twin 12 year olds and they are home schooled. They are trying to teach them multiple things and this is difficult at times. Don mainly does all the teaching because his wife has a corporation to run so at times when she gets home he is not blissful and needs time away from the boys. As Don said the last few weeks it’s been chilly due to winter. Now their children have been turning the dial on the thermostat up so the gas furnace has been typically running to keep the cabin warmer than they would like. Don is trying to teach them the cause plus effect of using too much heat and how it affects the bills. It easily is not sinking in and he thinks he is going to have to invest in a smart thermostat soon. It’s not like a here and there kind of messing with the thermostat and cranking up the heater, it’s an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for Don because he doesn’t like looking at the high gas bill due to the thermostat being turned way too high. He wonders how much one costs and hopefully, it’s self-explanatory for him to install or he will be calling the Heating and A/C dealer for help.


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