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My spouse enjoys the central air conditioner with the dog

This fence is going to take some time.

It’s another overheated day in the suburbs. I prefer the warm weather and being outside. But today is a day that will burn the skin off my back. Doesn’t matter anyways because I have to repair this fence. My rottweiler found a way to escape the yard. He created a small hole that isn’t entirely visible to anyone behind the shed to get out. The other day she traveled the whole neighborhood barking at our neighbors and causing chaos. She broke into one of their garbage cans and all you saw was garbage all over a neighbor’s yard. I cleaned it up though because I felt awful. They shouldn’t have to pick up garbage that my dog caused. As I lay here fixing the fence I see my spouse enjoying the new central air conditioner that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional just installed the other day. She prefers to have an air conditioner where I still love the warmth of being outside. I’m also a person who prefers keeping the windows open and feeling the breeze come into the house. I believe I do not experience those days often so it makes sense to have the heating and cooling company send out a cooling professional! As long as my spouse is cheerful, that is all that matters. This fence is going to take some time. I should’ve asked our neighbor Greg to come over and help. It’s kind of dumb of me to do this on my own. Until I get this fence fixed, my rottweiler has to stay in the house or on a leash.

a/c representative