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We are sure there is a thermostat in the basement as well

My parents take me to my aunt and uncle’s home almost every weekend.

Sometimes I stay the night however that happens usually once a month.

The reason I do not stay there more often is that they live far from our home and our parents do not want to make numerous trips in one month to their house. My aunt and uncle do not drive so it’s only on my parents. When I do get to stay the night I have the greatest of times. My aunt makes this delicious Spanish rice, I play checkers with my uncle and we all go for a long walk down this dirt road that is next to their house. The disadvantage is, I have to sleep on their couch which I would not mind. But this is a very couch and it’s itchy and on my days there I struggle with sleep. That’s the only terrible thing. I find one thing peculiar when I’m there though. They have a portable space heating system in each room. That is the kitchen, dining room, study room, and even the washroom. I find it very odd. They have a basement which I’ve never been in, but I’m sure there is one disadvantage there as well. I do not believe why they just use their temperature control controls to increase the heat in the house. I talked to my aunt the other day and she finally explained it to me. My uncle prefers to have temperature control in each room that he is in. My aunt also stated that she does not love the temperature control set to the temperature that my uncle prefers so that was their compromise to stay together about 30 years ago. I didn’t realize that temperature control controls almost broke them apart.


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