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Easy to be loyal to my HVAC company

It’s really hard to articulate the growth that has happened to this town since I moved here.

This was a small, rural town when I chose a commute over living inside the city.

I was sick of the noise, the pavement and the terrible heating and cooling in my apartment. During the Winter the radiant heating from the boiler in the basement was just far too much. But during the Summer, the cooling from the window air conditioning was great as long as you were standing in front of it. Plus, I just never really felt safe in the city and I think that comes from growing up in a rural space. I didn’t grow up with my head on a swivel like many in the city. So I found this spot which was then about a 45 minute drive to the train station for a short ride to work. I much preferred this trade off because I was able to be a homeowner and have the sort of quality heating and air that I always wanted. Back then, there were two local HVAC companies and it was an easy choice. One was headed up by a young guy who was an obvious HVAC professional. The other HVAC company missed two appointments when I was looking to upgrade the residential HVAC on this house. Well, I’ve been here 27 years now and I’m still with the same HVAC professionals. There are plenty of choices now when it comes to HVAC service as this town has exploded in growth. But I’ll stick with my HVAC guy because he’s been amazing.

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