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I can’t believe I won a new HVAC system

I can’t believe that I really won something earlier in the year, but I never won anything and somehow I was the right caller to a stereo contest! I was as shocked as I have ever been when the stereo announcer picked up the phone and said that I was the right caller, however this was not something that has ever happened to me before.

I never win anything at all, even bingo, then whenever he told me that I was the winner of a new heating and cooling system, I could have just cried from joy! I knew that the sponsor of the contest was a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, although I did not realize that they were giving away a completely new high efficiency heating and cooling system as the prize of this radio contest. I thought that that was actually overboard! I never dreamed that I would get something that was so luxurious as a prize, but seeing how I was in desperate need of a new heating and cooling system for our house, it was actually a welcome gift for sure. I was so excited about the fact that I was running a new heating and cooling system that I was jumping up and down and screaming into the phone! The stereo host told me that he had never had anyone be as excited as I was when I won. The only thing I had to pay for was an upgrade, and that wasn’t all that luxurious. It was definitely a blessing to me and our family to win that Heating and Air Conditioning system.



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