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My oil change and HVAC maintenance are scheduled at the same time

Now that I am no longer driving to and from work, I have been saving so much money.

That is especially true, since I am no longer buying gas twice per week.

I used to drive an hour to work and back and every week I would need to fill up my gas tank twice. It’s a blessing to be able to save that money especially because the price of gas has skyrocketed over the last 2 years or so. Aside from saving money on gas, there is less wear and tear on my car. This means that the life of the car will be extended, the miles will be a lot lower than expected, and I will also save money on oil change and maintenance. Prior to working from home, I used to get an oil change twice per year and now I am only getting it once. Typically, I schedule my oil change around the same time that I schedule the HVAC maintenance for my home. It might sound weird because my car has nothing to do with my HVAC unit, but I do it this way so that I don’t forget to do either of them. I schedule the car and HVAC maintenance during the beginning of March because the dealership as well as HVAC providers are less busy during that time. Summer is a busy month for mechanics as well as for HVAC technicians because more people are driving, and more people are using their HVAC units. Anyway, if this logic sounds odd to you, just know that it has worked for me, so I will continue to schedule both maintenance around the same time of year.

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