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Why do I need to change my HVAC air filter?

There is a famous saying that goes, “Out of sight, out of mind” and it couldn’t be more than true.

Personally, if something is not directly in my face, I tend to forget about it.

This is why I depend so much on my phone for reminders. Frankly, I am not sure what I would do without my phone. I set birthday reminders, doctor’s appointments, family events, dinners as well as random maintenance tasks. For instance, I always forgot to change my HVAC air filter because it was never something that was high on my priority list. Not to mention that the air filter is hidden inside the HVAC unit, so it’s not something that I see every day. And since it’s out of sight, it’s never on my mind, and will therefore be overlooked. Before I began using my phone as a reminder to change my air filter, there were times that I wouldn’t change it for close to a year. And if you know anything about an HVAC unit, air filters should be changed every 90 days. It is necessary to change the filter every 3 months because if the filter gets clogged it could cause a lot of wear and tear on an HVAC unit. Furthermore, a clog filter can lead to poor air quality, not to mention higher energy cost. I have avoided all of these issues ever since I began setting a reminder in my phone. Other devices like Alexa and a smart thermostat can help with this as well. Use whatever works for you, but no matter what device you use, it’s wise to set a reminder and change your HVAC air filter regularly.

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