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Air Conditioning units account for 50% of household energy

I live in a jaunty townhouse that is sandwiched in between 2 other townhouses.

And though everyone might prefer an end unit, I like being right in the middle because it makes me feel safe & protected, for instance, when a storm hits, my household will be more protected than the household on the end.

Also, I am less exposed to the passing traffic of the street, but living in between 2 houses can also have its negatives. For one, if the neighbors were too noisy that could become frustrating. Thankfully, I have quiet neighbors on either side. They are so quiet that the only noise I hear is the Heating & Air Conditioning unit when I am out in the yard. The neighbors’ Heating & Air Conditioning units cycle on more than my own unit does. And they are never in sync because as one cycles off the other will cycle on, however my temperature controls are set to 76 degrees which is the recommendation of the Department of Energy. It’s evident to me that my neighbors have their temperature controls set to lower temperatures. If I am sitting in the yard for an hour, their Heating & Air Conditioning unit cycles on & off at least twice in that span of time. Mine will cycle on once if at all. I run my Heating & Air Conditioning conservatively because it conserves energy & saves me currency on my utility bills. After all, the Heating & Air Conditioning unit is the biggest consumption of energy in most homes, but based on the information that I received from my utility business, my central Heating & Air Conditioning system is responsible for 50% of my consumption! So, it just makes good sense for me to run my Heating & Air Conditioning less. If only my other neighbors knew to do the same, they would save currency on their weekly bills as well.


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