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1st time owning residential Heating & Air Conditioning

I have to say that becoming a 1st time homeowner is maybe the greatest deal of my life thus far.

Sure, it was a truly immense deal to get through school & grad school.

That meant lots of time in the silence of the bookstore and library where you could only hear the quiet hiss of the a/c coming on… Getting my education was an immense deal. I was joining my colleagues inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of the office where I started my career. All of those things were major milestones in my development as a lady. But I have to say that being a homeowner is a whole other thing. This may have to do with the fact that it took me a dozen years of saving, planning & searching to find this quaint home. That’s longer than it took me to get my education. But trying to get a home solo is about the toughest task that I’ve confronted thus far in being an adult. Finally, I’m out of the apartment & am in a household with my own heating & cooling equipment. That was an immense thing for me. I just didn’t like the fact that I was consistently dealing with an Heating & Air Conditioning unit that was far past its prime. But that’s what you get with most apartments. And I wasn’t going for the high end on rent so I could save for a down payment. Just having new residential Heating & Air Conditioning is such a game changer for me. The house I got had a central cooling system that was completely shot. That meant either ripping out all the air ductwork & starting over or going with a bizarre residential Heating & Air Conditioning method. I chose to get the ductless multi split system & I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

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