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Natural gas water boiler quit working

When my child Ed woke me up in the middle of the night from a really sound sleep, the 1st thing I noticed was that I could see her breath.

  • I knew right then that my mistake had come back to bite me.

The natural gas boiler wasn’t running & it was one of the coldest afternoons of the year. My partner & I slept with a wonderful and immense feather comforter over us so I didn’t honestly notice. I burrow down into that deep bed & let the comforter lock in the heat. Plus, I keep the temperature control in the low 60’s during the night to save some currency on the heating costs. Another thing I decided to save currency on was the heating services. And that was the most terrible mistake. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking really. I believe it’s because I did the very same thing last winter time & the winter time before. Since the pandemic started, I’ve been finding any way I can to eke out the most from our finances. But going without the heating service was clearly a mistake. Still, I thought that since I’d always been pretty consistent for a lot of years, I’d be able to squeak by without having Heating & Air Conditioning repairs for a while. I put Ed in the warm spot next to my partner & went downstairs to see if I could rebeginning the natural gas boiler. Of course, that didn’t work so I had to call for emergency Heating & Air Conditioning repair & I could hear the currency register sound in my mind as I did it. The Heating & Air Conditioning contractor was able to replace the failed part pretty quickly. So I accomplished my goal of getting the heating system back on. But she also confirmed that this was avoidable had I gotten the normal heating service.



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