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My heat pump is more smart than my electric furnace

I do not mind paying more currency to get a better piece of unit that is going to work better for me in the long run, and that’s why I spent over $100 on my modern power drill, i bought something that I know will last even if I am not using it on a yearly basis, and when I finally bought my modern car, I decided to get something a little bit better than I initially planned on. It wasn’t about getting a vehicle that I thought would retain its value, it was about getting a vehicle that would provide me the most utility while I owned it. It’s nice having digital temperature control for the a/c plus boiler inside the car. I got so used to quality heating plus cooling in my vehicle that I wanted to get it in my apartment too. It was easy enough to change my a/c to a newer system with a higher SEER rating, however I wasn’t so sure what I should do about my boiler! At first I was just using an electric furnace plus it wasn’t truly efficient with energy consumption. I decided to chop down plus buy a heat pump however I wasn’t sure how well it would work in my environment! Since it only gets down to about 30 degrees at its coldest in the winter, a heat pump is perfect for this environment. And plus, he pumps harshly energy efficiently compared to an electric furnace. It’s like taking an a/c in reversing the process. Instead of absorbing heat from your underwear plus expelling it outwards, the heat pump absorbs heat from outside plus draws it indoors.
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