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Getting the nasty yellow jackets detached

If there is one bug I particularly hate, it’s wasps, plus that includes yellow blazers, but i really, particularly don’t care for them, even spiders, which I am not exactly a fan of, don’t bother me as much as a wasp does.

I have never had a spider leap out at me plus attempt to attack, nor have I ever had one fly after me, this is why I don’t care for wasps, and recently, I noticed the discouraging little buzzing buggers had made a nest around my garage.

I could already tell the nest belonged to yellow blazers. Truly putrid little things. I gleefully searched for the number of wasp exterminations. Thankfully, there were plenty of yellow blazer extermination plus local extermination in my area, which made me harshly cheerful. I called one of the numbers, plus they told me the nice news that they could be out the same day. I know there are some bumble bees plus honey bees in my area, but as long as they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. The exterminator came, plus started using some kind of suction tool to vacuum all of the buggers to their demise, then after the nest was successfully detached I was overjoyed. I thanked the exterminator plus happily paid him. It was worth every penny removing those poor bugs. I usually get a nest or two every year, so I have a feeling I will be calling them again, in the next 6 months or so, plus I will happily keep calling them if it means keeping those things away from me.

Yellow jacket removal