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A fire broke out in our home

It had been the scariest moment in our lives.

A fire had broken out in our home as well as caused significant damage.

A fortnight later, after taking care of the damaged part as well as replacing many things, the home still smelled of smoke, but the indoor air conditions was wanting to the point that we did not look forward to returning home.We had even replaced the air filter, but it did little to service the situation. Our neighbor suggested we look for an HVAC worker specializing in air quality systems. We were fortunate that the fire had not reached the HVAC system. Purchasing a new HVAC machine on top of the losses we had already suffered would have been too much, when the specialist from the home repair provider came, she checked the entire upgrade, she told us that the vents had dirt as well as grime, as well as duct cleaning was vital. When I asked him how that was possible when we correctly changed the air filter, she told me they needed cleaning every three or multiple years, just like every mechanical part. She also suggested we consider installing a whole home air purification system to improve indoor comfort. The HVAC professional added that even though the intelligent HVAC has an air purification system, it would be an added advantage, especially with the recent events. Only a couple of minutes after the worker finished her work, positive changes were obvious. By the following day, the smoke smell was gone, as well as we could once more appreciate being in the house. The air purification machine was doing a good job.

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