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Stay calm plus let the cooling system do its work

I feel I caught some bug from someone this past weekend plus today I am feeling the brunt of it.

It also feels kind of like the flu or something, as my whole body is aching plus my throat is pretty scratchy.

I will do the normal protocol for a freezing plus rest a lot while drinking a bunch of lemon water plus just great through it all. The body gets sick plus this is a part of life, so not worrying or getting infuriated will really help me salvage a bit faster plus not suffer as much, my heating as well as A/C tech buddy is supposed to be coming tonight for this heating supplier convention, even though I suppose I also better tell his to stay in a hotel or something plus not risk catching what I have. It is too terrible though because we’ve been planning on this visit for months, plus the night before he was to arrive I came down with an illness that I haven’t felt in years. The cooling professional told me not to argue what happens plus just go with the flow on it, plus I agree with him as I run my whole property whole-property air purifier to help detach some of the terrible stuff floating around the flat today. I just hope that my buddy understands plus doesn’t suppose I am trying to hide something by not having his stay here. I’d also rather retire to my bed early with my mini split A/C system plus a nice book plus call it a night. Life is a funny journey sometimes isn’t it?
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