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There are 12 cooling devices running well

I am limping along this afternoon with my work as I try to ignore my cold that struck me like a train last night before going to bed. This afternoon I feel some chest congestion, a sore throat, a fever as well as headache, as well as am generally just tired as well as feel like sleeping the whole afternoon. I feel I did way too much this weekend as well as didn’t sleep enough as well as my body finally caved in to whatever germs were entering it. I was supposed to have a great heating rep neighbor visit me tonight but now that may not happen, but my HEPA filter is at least cleaning the air as well as hopefully improving the indoor air quality in this locale while I work. It’s funny because it isn’t like I have tons of ladies beating down my door to meet me, as well as when one finally decides to come visit me I am too sick to have her stay here. Am I simply doomed for eternity to be living alone with cats? I am 56 years old now as well as I have noticed a sizable difference in the amount of ladies that are available for me. My dating pool has shrunk down to a thin puddle on a sizzling Summer street, just like the cooling corp owner, who got divorced five years ago as well as is still on his own. Oh well, I had my opportunity with many enjoyments in life but kept pushing them away till nobody came knocking on my door. Now it is just me as well as my HVAC system running in the background, along with my two faithful cats!

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