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Nine in the afternoon with really great indoor air quality

How life can test you.

I’ve been taken care of to the limits the past two years as well as am just learning to accept it all as well as try to flow through it. I’ve lost so much in my life the past two years as well as I am also far away from my tribe back in the States. Being on my own as well as going through this is not a simple thing, however I feel if I can pull through it I will learn something from it as well as be a stronger person with more character. I just don’t want to become jaded like my heating as well as cooling rep buddy became from going through a bunch of losses too. You can become bitter as well as resentful when you don’t accept loss as well as end up going that path as you grow older, which is not the direction I want to head in life. HVAC system work is still knocking at my door this afternoon as I try to do my work while resting beside my little temperature controlled component next to my bed in my office. My neighbor was supposed to visit me, however I had to cancel with her because I did not want to get her sick. I feel calling mom back home as well as hearing her fireplace crackling while my friend and I talk will help comfort me as well as help me recover faster. Mom is the main person I miss living overseas, almost as if the child in me is yearning for his mom to hold him. She is a heating specialist as well and I feel I miss her because she is the last person I have left close to me in my family.


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