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We can work in the comforting AC of our home

So the plan around here won’t remain the same for long.

That’s what happens from Mid-may.

We are just weeks from the relentless heat and humidity of this location becoming a full time gig for a minimum of four months. That means we have to begin changing how we work, when we go to bed, when we get up and when we workout outside. The truth is, the level of heat in this location rules out pretty much any sort of exercise during the peak heating hours of the day. At least that goes for people our age. Even those who are super fit and young should rethink going for a run at noon. But we see it all the time. Our office is in our home where we work remotely for a giant corporation. This setup is sort of the best of both worlds. We are still working for a big business so we get that paycheck every two weeks and are eligible for a yearly bonus based on the quality of our work. But the fact that we work from home allows us the freedom to change things up when it comes to our schedule. We don’t normally have online meetings yearly but that’s the only thing we have to schedule around. So now that we are on the cusp of Summer, we’ll begin the changes by going to bed earlier and rising much earlier, then getting up well before dawn allows us to get out of the air conditioning for a run or a bike ride. Then, we can settle down and get into my workday while inside the comfort of the central AC of our home.


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