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The twins chose to have a whole cabin UV air purifier installed

Admitting that things must change is never the most fun thing to take on. However, there comes a time, identifiably with one’s health, where a dire reality has to be acknowledged and dealt with. That was very much the case with the twins and their health. At 48, they finally had to look straight on at the state of their health. They had spent years doing nothing more than hanging out inside the air conditioning. Whether inside the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of an office or at their cabin in their own heating and cooling comfort, there was little physical activity. That’s not a healthy way to live. And being inactive and always sitting down was only compounded by the fact that food and drink was their reward. The twins sat in the central air and leaned into all of their appetites. And at nearly 50, the combination of little exercise and gluttony was affecting their health. This time, the physician sat them down inside the one locale that has too much air conditioning for them, the exam room, and forced the twins to see reality. That was a tipping point in their lives and they were thrilled they faced it. The idea of getting healthy and more fit was overwhelming to say the least. But with one step at a time, the twins have gotten closer to great health. What started with getting out of the central cooling for a walk has turned into making more and more decisions that benefit their health. It’s a whole new era for them in that sense. And that was a sizable reason they chose to have a whole cabin UV air purifier installed inside the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The indoor air quality is yet another aspect of their lives that they want to be about the betterment of their health.
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