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I’m always preparing my heating system for winter

Winter is a constant issue for me because of where I live.

Year round, I’m either experiencing the insane winter time weather of this region or I’m getting ready for it.

Spring is here and not too far from Summer. This is the most pleasant time of the year when it comes to weather and temperature. The gas furnace has been off now since the temperatures started rising. I uncovered the Heating and Air Conditioning device and I scheduled for the Heating and Air Conditioning worker to set up the air conditioning tune up. Covering the Heating and Air Conditioning device outside the household is something I do as the last part of winter time prep before the temps plummet. The cover keeps the weight of snow and ice off the fan and other parts of the heat pump equipment. My home has central AC and having the heat pump is nice. While I don’t get months of heat and humidity like the people way down south, it’s better to have the cooling comfort when I come inside. While the gas furnace is done for the year and the temperatures are only going to rise, I’m now in the beginning of my winter time prep. To save on heating bills and take some of the load off the gas furnace, I use a wood stove for supplementary heating. When I bought it, that wood stove was just for emergency heating. But with preparation during the Summer, I can get enough wood in my household to feed that wood stove on a yearly basis throughout the Winter. It’s worth the effort and besides, and it’s such a great time of the year to be outside.


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