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Mom told me the HVAC tech liked me.

When I saw who our HVAC technician was, I ran to my room.

  • I couldn’t help but smile.

I hadn’t seen the HVAC technician in a little while, and I missed seeing him. When Jackson arrived, he smiled at me and winked. I laughed when mom came over and whispered she thought the HVAC technician liked me. I knew he did. We had been dating for three months now, but I hadn’t yet let mom know about it. I wanted to wait until we were sure we wanted to stay together. After not seeing him for over a week, I wanted to run up and give him a hug. I walked outside and started talking to him. He told me about his recertification class and how he got one of the highest grades in the class. I was telling him about mom and how she insisted he liked me, and he blushed. He remembered graduation was right around the corner, and I asked if he would be there? I knew he wouldn’t miss it. He told me he had a special gift for me. Mom came out and asked if he was almost done with the air conditioning unit? I snuck back inside so mom didn’t think I was flirting. Mom was surprised to see our HVAC come to my college graduation. She was more surprised when he sat next to her. He must have told her what he got me, because she screamed out when I got my diploma. All I could hear was that her baby was going to marry the HVAC technician. I looked back him and nodded yes, when he held up the ring.


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