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Is it expensive to go to HVAC school?

I was considering going to HVAC school, but I wasn’t sure if I could afford it.

I had heard different stories about the cost of the classes and the certification, and everyone said they had a hard time getting a student loan.

I was persistent, and instead of listening to them and feeling like going to HVAC school would never come to fruition, I went to the local community college, where they held the classes. I talked to the person in admissions and asked her about the cost of HVAC classes. She told me I could take part time classes if I worked, which I did. It would be abou ten hours a week for thirty weeks, and then I would need to take the certification class, and do the hands-on classes. Once we got through the classroom, I would need to give extra hours because I would be working on real furnaces and air conditioning units. I asked her about the cost? She give me a bottom line cost, and I blanched. As much as I wanted to be an HVAC technician, I knew I couldn’t get a student loan for that amount of money. She said they had a monthly payment plan. I would pay about $75 a month for two years. I would then pay $250 a month for three years, when I graduated. If I chose to pay yearly, I would get a 10% discount. That would be a big sum of money until I was working, but for two years, I was sure I could do it. I wanted to be an HVAC technician and this was my chance.
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