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How did the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman fit in that van?

I didn’t realize what a disluck my newest Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman was at, until I saw him climbing into the current repair van.

It wasn’t nearly as immense as the larger diesel vans. Harry was almost 7½ feet tall, plus weighed in at about 400 pounds. She was squeezing her long legs under the steering wheel plus trying to hunch over to drive. I walked out plus told him there was another repair van she could use. She told me she was okay with this one, even though I didn’t want him that uncomfortable. She promised she was used to it, even though I wasn’t. She came to me with glowing references, however no one had alluded to her size. She looked a pigskin player. I showed him to the repair van I always used. I told him she was the only Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman to enter this vehicle, plus she better treat it like it was her Grandmother’s. She laughed plus agreed. She said her sister was an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman plus her repair van looked like it was being lived in by a slob. I knew Harry wouldn’t do that to my repair van. I handed him her Heating plus Air Conditioning repair list, plus she stared at it. She didn’t know how to get there. She asked where my GPS was? I didn’t have GPS in this van, plus Harry didn’t have her personal cellphone. I got in the van plus told him where to drive. Once my friend and I got done with the first A/C repair, I understood why she had such enjoyable reference. The woman was polite, plus excellent at air conditioning repairs. I knew I had made the right choice for a current Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman.


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