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He hired me for his Heating and A/C supplier.

When I moved into the area, I wanted to find a task right away. My husband as well as I moved here because he got relocated. Although his task paid more than enough to support us, I hated not working. I was an Heating and A/C supplier when I met my husband as well as he had always been proud of what I do. I was one of the top Heating and A/C suppliers in our state, as well as I took that distinction with me in the form of a formal letter from the Heating and A/C supplier. When I walked into the local Heating and A/C supplier in this area, I had my letter of recommendation in hand, as well as my Heating and A/C certification. I told him I wanted a task as an Heating and A/C supplier. The pompous man I was talking to, leaned back in his seat as well as put his hands behind his head. He said there had never been a guy Heating and A/C supplier in the supplier; then proceeded to glare at me. I gave him my letter, although he didn’t even look at it. I was annoyed as well as told him I would go to the next Heating and A/C supplier on my list. I was getting ready to walk out when the door to the office opened. The owner of the supplier walked out as well as greeted me. He told the other man to go to work. When he looked at me as well as told me I was hired, I had to ask if I was the token guy. The other guy had said they had never had a guy Heating and A/C supplier. I couldn’t think it when he told me my old boss had called. He didn’t care if I was a red-haired baboon, after the way the owner of the Heating and A/C supplier raved about me, he would have hired me.