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There were only five students in my Heating plus A/C class.

I thought that when I started Heating plus A/C class, it would be a full class.

I was surprised when I walked in plus I was only one of five students. I looked around plus three of us were ladies. I felt more comfortable, however the two men looked uncomfortable. I thought they would split the class into two groups. One would be the men plus the other the ladies, however I was wrong. When the Heating plus A/C professor showed up, he was all smiles. He had his own system for setting up groups. He put names in a cup plus told us to turn our heads when he came up plus chose our partners. He had each of us girls come up first. I chose one of the guys, plus the second girl picked out the other one. The second girl asked who she was to partner with. The professor told her she was the lucky because she got to partner with someone special. He called in another student, who was wearing an Heating plus A/C uniform. He had just graduated from the past class, however he was willing to work as someone’s partner, since he worked for the professor’s Heating plus A/C supplier. I teased him during cut plus asked him if he got a substantial bonus for working here. He laughed plus said it was more like a recommend performance. The Heating plus A/C professor was his dad, so it was a request he couldn’t refuse! Even though he wasn’t my partner, my friend and I found ourselves talking to each other more than once. He asked me why I wanted to be an Heating plus A/C worker? I told him my dad was his dad’s competitor, plus I was an only child. I didn’t have a choice. We both laughed.



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