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He was a great Heating plus A/C worker, however not the best.

I hired an Heating plus A/C worker that was reportedly one of the best there was. He had the highest grades ever on the Heating plus A/C courses plus certification. His former employees thought the world of him. He was one of the top Heating plus A/C worker in the state he came from. There was only one problem I had with him. I didn’t like him. I had never met a more arrogant plus cocky person in my entire life. Instead of telling me about his accomplishments, he just wanted to tell me how great he was. I called my wifey when I sent him out to tour the workers lounge, plus asked her if she would call in a repair call for the AC unit. I asked her to pull the little a/c unit out of the attic plus put it in the entryway window. She knew what to do. Ten minutes later, Jodie, my secretary had the repair call in hand. I told him I just had an a/c repair, plus asked if he wanted to take it. I told him I would go along because I knew most of the clients, plus the roads. My wifey told him she needed this cooling system fixed plus pointed at the window AC unit. He told her they didn’t do that kind of work plus she should go buy another one. My wifey asked how she was to afford that, plus he shrugged. He told her he was sure she could find some way to get the cash. When my wifey provided me a hug, plus I introduced her, he knew he was fired, plus he yet been hired.


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