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Eight cooling devices on the market

I’m listening to Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho, which reminds me of my gramps, who we nicknamed Peeps.

  • It’s kind of a cool song the way Don sings it and it is a short and simple song, but has a feel good sound to it and I listen to it over and over sometimes just to remember Peeps.

I can still picture my gramps singing it while he was pouring himself a glass of wine, and wow that man could drink. He worked in the heating and cooling industry as an HVAC equipment salesman going door to door selling a/c units and space heaters. He told me one day when I was hungover, David I drank a twelve pack every day for 50 years and never had a hangover. Wow, you go HVAC rep Peeps! I am happy that I couldn’t drink like that each day without repercussions because it kept me from drinking too much. Working on ductwork all day is not easy and with a throbbing headache I am sure it would be that much more difficult. I will stick to my water with lemon for the most part and toss in an occasional beer now and then in honor of Peeps. We still have his lakehouse and I still go down in the basement to smell the musty smell and look at the old oil furnace that Peeps would work on when he got back home from his HVAC sales for the day. I will always remember him and will drink a cold one this weekend if my flu is gone.

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