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Music and cooling systems

Music is the best I swear.

I just listened to a song that brought me back to being a kid and hearing my gramps sing the same song while we were at his lake house up north.

I am just getting into making music myself at 56 years old, but at least I am giving it a shot and seeing what I can do with it instead of keeping the music locked up within me and not sharing it with the world. I would just love to make one song that sticks and that people like to listen to. HVAC system repairs are fun but even doing great work won’t compare to what music can do for people, even though air conditioning and heating are crucial to living a good life. There is something about music and how it touches our hearts unlike anything else and I would like to be a part of it if I can, so practicing and working on new songs has become my mission and I am hoping I can make something happen before my candle burns out. My HVAC specialist dad was a poet long before he got into the heating and cooling world, and his poems were very inspiring and telling, but he never talked about it again and never let his feelings out after quitting with the writing passion he once had. I feel like he should have kept writing and painting like he used to instead of getting into the house repair sector, but he didn’t feel the same I guess.



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