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Sands of time heating up my life

We are in the middle of May now and life is starting to pick up a bit here. I need to get back on my Spanish practice if I am going to meet my future Spanish wife, but getting sick a week ago just delayed that from happening. I have been way too sick to study the language and will start again as soon as I feel good. I see all of these pretty women walking around and can’t talk to them except for some surface talk with the words that I know. The weather is heating up as summer is approaching and I would like to be able to talk with some of the HVAC customers who come into the store instead of directing them to another heating supplier rep who can speak fluently. At 56 years old, my looks aren’t working anymore for me, so learning the language is going to be key to meeting someone or I am going to end up being alone and living with my two cats. I think if I work on it I can have a good grasp of it within six more months and then I can live happily ever after with my lovely senorita! Maybe I’ll meet her working at the heating supplier shop, or maybe I will meet her sitting by an air conditioner in a beach bar while we play our music in the band, but either way I need to learn how to speak Spanish first before it can happen. I’m not desperate to meet someone but would love to meet someone someday in the future.
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