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Managing her HVAC job despite the challenges

She was working away in my flat wondering when the sore throat would subside.

It felt like she had swallowed staples every time she tried to swallow since it kept her awake at night especially when she tried to get some sleep.

She had gone to bed at 9 pm but couldn’t fall asleep by 2 am. Thankfully, she passed out from exhaustion. She was working and remembering what happened but the sign behind her told her not to dwell in the past and also not to dream of the future, but instead to focus on the present time. Writing about heating & cooling systems daily can be boring. However, if you focus you will find that your HVAC and A/C work gets easier, just like any other type of work. She is always trying to ease her mind because it rambles on with meaningless stuff that legitimately shouldn’t be going through her mind. It is necessary to find a way to quieten down everyday if she is to preserve her sanity. Even so, working at the heating dealership full time on a weekly basis took a lot of diligence, which is the same as doing HVAC duct cleaning. Whenever she was at work, her mind would be thinking about when 5pm was coming and it made the work even more difficult to do. She would think of all the meditation she had done over the past 12 years. She became a bit more relaxed which made life flow more smoothly than it did previously. She can clean ducts in an air conditioning system for a customer and not feel so anxious.


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