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The AC saves the day after a long period of suffering

The vision in my right eye has worsened in the past couple of days.

  • At this point, my hope is that this is temporary.

However, because of the flu that I have had for the last four days, there is a possibility that the infection must have gotten into my eye and it is causing so much of the blurriness as well as hopefully it will be gone soon so I can see what I am typing. Currently whenever I put on my reading glasses the screen appears very blurry and seems too far away. Unfortunately, I can’t move it closer or I won’t be able to type well.The heating and cooling sales lady said that it will get better in a few days and that there was no need to worry about it. Even so, the fact that I was not able to see my work on the screen is proving to be quite difficult, however life is about exercising patience and acceptance and I just needed to flow with it too. I think the HVAC rep is right about my eye since I can’t picture the eye getting okay overnight. I think I’ll finish this article and then head out and rest so that my eye ache can subside and I can finally have peace. It is such a nice day today and the temperature will be changing again soon. This may require me to run my AC system to keep me cool in my condo as I do my work everyday. Summer will be here in a month and the whole area will be packed again.



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